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Charisma - Design and Marketing Agency

About Charisma - Design and Marketing Agency

Charisma is a design and marketing agency, specialising in logo design, branding, web design, promotional gifts and marketing.

There is no shortage of people who offer “design”. Some of them have no further qualifications or experience other than owning a computer with some software. Charisma consists of purely focused, qualified and passionate professional designers from various backgrounds. Our team is carefully selected and will work closely together to achieve the highest possible standard. We are constantly striving to push the envelope of what is possible in the realm of design.

Not one aspect of your company should ever be taken in isolation. We see each aspect of your branding or marketing as a part of the whole. They should all serve the overall vision of the organisation. Most companies will run marketing campaigns as need arises and fail to take advantage of the potential synergy there could be between them. We will help you to align every bit of marketing to serve the company’s purpose and for maximum impact.


Contact Details

Phone Number   +263-9-883398
Mobile Number   +263 73 734 4224
Physical Address:   O. Conolly Building, Khami Road/Arkwright Street, Khami Industrial Sites